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  • Quality In Detail     優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail     優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail     優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail     優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail     優質在於細節


CITY contains veterans of the security profession and most of our operations managers and officers were members of the former British Garrison. Our management held senior ranks in the garrison and were awarded many certificates and honors in security management covering security planning, practice and training. Possessing more than 20 years in military and security related experience, they are definitely proficient and reliable to provide high quality security services to CITY's clients.

Managing Director - Michael Wong

He was the Recruits Training and Cadre Course Platoon Commander / Chief Instructor in the former British Garrison (Trainning Company of Stonecutters Island), completed various professional military courses. He has held executive positions in large security companies for around 15 years. With his solid security and personnel management skills demonstrated on large event and various property, Michael has successfully brought CITY to an outstanding position in the market.

Director – John Tsang

He serviced in the former British Garrison at recruitment, cadre and army dog unit over 10 years. He is a qualified QAS trainer and Port Facilities Security Officer. Join our team several years and leading operations department to perform manpower planning and all job allocations.

Director - Raymond Choi

After obtained his MSc in Management Science and Operational Research from The University of Warwick, he was employed in an international IT company focused on strategic planning and promoting IT solutions. With his solid experience in resource allocation and marketing, he is now responsible for promoting our professional security service to various client, meanwhile, he keeps close relationship with existing client and share client's opinion. Raymond does his best to collect client's comment to our operations team for further enhancement on superior security services from time to time.

Senior Manager - Billy Lee

He was the Officer Mess Manager in the former British Garrison, has attained several security-related qualifications which cover the Qualified Security Trainer Instructor. He is an excellent leader and trainer with very good experience in security management, especially in high-risk installation, residential estate, commercial building, exhibition and carnivals.

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